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Great year-round weather, miles of sandy beaches and sparkling blue sea are the backdrop for this glamorous part of Florida, where urban chic combines with a tropical paradise.

Miami is a cosmopolitan, trend-setting metropolis boasting exciting nightlife, designer shopping, world-class spas and top golf courses among its many attractions.

It’s also the only city in the US with two national parks – the Everglades and Biscayne.

Whether your clients are a bevy of famous models or a bunch of sun-seeking shoppers, the UK office of Greater Miami and the Beaches can help you plan memorable holidays in our area. It can also offer sales support with a wide range of promotional literature.

Your first port of call should be our website, which includes detailed sections on accommodation, restaurants, golf, spas and other attractions – as well as dedicated pages for travel professionals and meeting planners.

We hope you enjoy learning more about our fun-filled destination.

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